Qualities to Look for in Cannabis Products

Whether you are a regular consumer of cannabis or a first-timer, you need to be a little conscious when required to identify high-quality cannabis. Even your trusted strain can have different qualities depending on the weather condition or how it is harvested. It will be a disappointing scenario to find out that what you have bought is of low quality and does not meet your expectations. For instance, you can see a pretty good variety here. Although it can be frustrating, you can do several things and make sure that what you purchased is absolutely the best quality.


cannabis oilPeople assume that cannabis should be green in color since all marijuana companies use a bright green leaf as their iconic symbol. But the fact is that cannabis can come in nearly all the different colors of the rainbow. You can identify the low-quality cannabis from the high-quality one from their colors. The low-quality marijuana is said to come in brown and in dull shades of green.


You can easily tell a lot by the density of marijuana. High-quality translates to high density. This means the plant had matured enough with proper harvesting and vice vasa. To obtain maximum benefits, ensure to purchase a relatively dense bud.


If your vendor or dispensary allows you to taste some cannabis samples before choosing, please utilize the opportunity. Take your time to check the quality associated with each type. Ensure you can identify their taste, and even the smell generated after-bun.

Moisture Level

Quality buds are said to be sticky, while low-quality buds crush easily. If you need to store your cannabis leaves, ensure you keep them carefully to remain fresh with their occurring compounds naturally. By doing this, you will give your flower the required sticky texture. Dry buds refer to the absence of the essential terpenes. When searching for a bud, ensure the bud you buy has the required stickiness.


using cannabisPay attention to the smell produced by the cannabis product you taste. Different marijuana strains vary in the aroma. For instance, some draw fragrance from the environment, while others smell like; floral, spicy, sweet, and even harsh scents. Outstanding cannabis is pungent. Weaker strains are neither recognizable nor attention-grabbing.

Molds and Pests

If the marijuana products are not properly stored, molds and pests are likely to invade it. To get the best quality, look carefully, and ensure that the choice you have settled for is not affected by them.

No matter the great looks of the cannabis, you cannot tell the quality and even the exact effect that marijuana will bring about.