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Different Types of Fences Used In Construction Sites

Determining the type of fencing to use in a site is very important. You should choose a fence that meds all your needs. Even if most of these structures are set up temporary, they should be impenetrable. Heavy-duty security fencing is relatively expensive as compared to light ones. This write-up is going to share the different types of fencing used in sites. They include:

Timber or Wooden Fencing

wooden fence

This is one of the most popular and affordable fencing options. It is mainly used in areas where security is not a big issue because it is not very secure when compared to the other types of high-security fencing. You can use it to create a solid appearance that is deterrent to intruders. There are different types of timer fencing including log walling, acoustic fencing, and knee rail fencing.


Heras Fencing

This is a temporary fence that can be erected and dismantled easily. It is effective for deterring people from crossing landscaped ground. This fencing can be reused several times, and it is also available for hire. Heavy-duty anti-climb heras fencing is ideal for securing building sites. Individuals who are looking for something safe and sturdy should go for the cheaper heras fencing option.

Wooden Hoarding

This is a cost-effective fence that is mainly used for concealing vacant properties and construction sites from preying eyes. It comes with reinforced boards that are joined with wooden posts. Furthermore, this fencing is sturdy enough to withstand enormous pressure making it effective in protecting properties and deterring intruders.

Mesh Panel Fencing

metal panel hoarding fence

This structure is mainly used for providing medium security. Most people prefer using it because of its attractive appearance. It is available in black, green, black and other colors that you can choose to erect an attractive fence. It is well designed to allow people to see what is inside, but it does not comprise security. Mesh panels are made of long-lasting, secure and visually appealing materials. It is more expensive as compared to other types of fencing.

Metal Hoarding

This is a long-lasting fence used to secure sites for a long time. It is costlier and more permanent than wooden fencing. You can paint this fence in desired colors and even customize it to provide other security measured like barbed wire. In addition to this, it can be fitted to timber or steel pots for additional flexibility.