Features to Look for When Buying a Military Watch

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A fancy watch is an aesthetic improvement in the way others see us, but a military watch is an asset that we posses to navigate time efficiently and at the same time, help us with life hacks that we never even knew existed.

At times, military watches are tough and rugged items that satisfy every out doors man or military professional who needs a reliable and durable timepiece.


The best military watch should posses certain qualities that a typical watch doesn’t have. Nowadays, even ordinary watches has the same qualities.

Thus, one should always check the level of endurance of the military watch you are buying. Always make sure that this item has features that exhibit a high tolerance to extreme conditions such as shock resistance, scratch and dust proof, and waterproof as well.


A typical military watch should always be on a dark colored tone for it helps you camouflage in certain circumstances that you need to fit in. Military grade watches offer you various dark colored options that still best represent your personality and style. Most of the designs are rugged and very manly. These timepieces must always be fit for military personnel, shooters, hikers, hunters, and other tactical out doors men.


battery A military watch with solar charging feature is a good deal, but if you cannot find one like this, then you should consider looking for a timepiece that lasts long. Most of the quality military watches in the market last at least one year without replacing its battery.

Purchasing a military watch that doesn’t last that long should be assessed with deep reconsideration.


With all the basic features a watch may posses, military watches takes pride on having certain qualities that can help you in tough situations.

A good military watch should posses features like an altimeter which measures your height above sea level, a compass that gives you accurate standpoint direction of where you are, and a barometer that has the capability to provide you with pressure data that can be used to forecast weather.
watchIn the end, a good military watch should meet all your tactical time needs. It should also provide you with the accurate time and direction, and has sturdy design which enables you to use it even in the toughest of environments.