Three Decor Ideas That Will Make Your House More Lively

a warm and lively home

All house owners want their house to bring warmth to their life. However, that goal is hardly achievable if the interior design is not done correctly. Reckless decoration will lead to a bleak atmosphere around the house, and it will not make anyone who stays inside comfortable. If you have ever stepped in into someone’s house, and you know at that moment that you should get out as soon as possible, the decoration style might be the cause for it. And you must not repeat the same mistake! Here are three decor ideas that will make your house more lively and vibrant.

Syncing the Paint and Lighting

warm lightingOur mood is strongly affected by our visual. And when we’re at home, the lighting and the paint are two factors that will determine our comfort. If they are too lustrous, the chances are that you will hardly get any rest when you need it. If the lighting is too dim, you will be more likely to feel gloomy and tired all day. Both the lighting and the paint color must balance each other.

For instance, if you choose bright colors for your house’s paint, then you must counter the brightness by putting several warm and dim lamps. Of course, you will still need an ambient lamp for the main rooms, such as the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. However, there must be secondary lamps that function as highlights only. This concept of lighting counterbalancing is also applicable vice versa.

Having a Vivarium

creating terrariumsIf the word sounds foreign to you, its definition is actually quite simple. A vivarium is an animal container with a semi-natural environment that is meant to keep the organism alive. By this definition, aquarium and terrarium are included.

For your information, landscape terrarium can be an exotic means for you to decorate your house. You will have the chances to design an environment on your own. In fact, you can create an enclosed ecosystem that will sustain itself for a long time. However, for this purpose, your choices of an organism may be limited only to insects.

If you want to do things the cliche way, you can keep a fish in an aquarium. A simple goldfish in a fishbowl will do the trick, yet you must be clever in taking care of it. The size of the fishbowl must not be too cramped for the fish. The diet must also be a combination of processed and organic foods.Feeding your fish with processed foods like pellets, fish gels, or flakes turns out to be harmful because they will make the fish overeat and overweight.

Displaying Some Arts

Arts is a part of human’s life. However, you do not need to buy a high-priced painting and mount it on your wall just for the sake of being artsy. In fact, if you do not know much about the artistic value of the items you put on display, people will notice it, and they will perceive you as a person who understands only the gimmicks of arts.

Your safe option will be to display things that have personal meanings to you. For example, a painting that you paint for yourself will be a wise choice. If you love photography, then put your photos on display. If you love old music, you can put a vintage jukebox in the living room. Besides adding to the decorative beauty of your house, such preference can facilitate you to have a personal conversation with the guest.