Benefits of Biotechnology to Developing Countries

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Biotechnology is being used in the third world countries to create solutions for various problems. Developing countries usually face many problems like war, famine, and malnutrition just but to mention a few.

However, most of these problems can be solved through various technological solutions. For example, biotechnology can work in solving the problem of famine by introducing the plants that are resistant to diseases and pests. Pests and diseases are the leading cause of the destruction of crops.


scientist As we had stated earlier on, malnutrition is one of the problems that are experienced in the third world countries. Malnutrition is a big problem that hampers development especially in children and makes them not to develop in the right manner.

Biotechnology can be used in developing staple foods that are nutritious. In so doing the general population will be healthier since eating nutritious foods helps in fighting various diseases. Sweet potatoes, rice, and cassava are some of the solid foods that can be enhanced through biotechnology.

Saving Vaccines

Vaccines have been known to save populations from extinction. Biotechnology can be used to create vaccines in some of the nutritious crops like the vegetables and fruits.

The banana can be used to produce a vaccine for the Hepatitis B condition while the banana can be used for providing a vaccine against the Norwalk virus. The use of the biotechnology can counter the deadly diseases.

Sustained Farming

microscope Farming is challenging since over time the soil loses its fertility which usually leads to reduced yields. Biotechnology can help in sustained technology as it will assist the farmers to come up with proven ways of enriching the soil so that the farmers continue getting great produce.

Biotechnology helps in coming up with various fertilizers which are then used in enhancing the soil and make the plants fertile. In the areas where the soil is multiple acidic measures and be taken to neutralize such kind of soils.

Tremendous Promise

Last but not least, biotechnology helps in bringing immense promise in the developing world. The use of pest-resistant and disease-resistant seeds has led to increased food security in the developing countries. Many people are currently adopting farming as a result of biotechnology.