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Benefits of Biotechnology to Developing Countries

Biotechnology is being used in the third world countries to create solutions for various problems. Developing countries usually face many problems like war, famine, and malnutrition just but to mention a few.

However, most of these problems can be solved through various technological solutions. For example, biotechnology can work in solving the problem of famine by introducing the plants that are resistant to diseases and pests. Pests and diseases are the leading cause of the destruction of crops.


scientist As we had stated earlier on, malnutrition is one of the problems that are experienced in the third world countries. Malnutrition is a big problem that hampers development especially in children and makes them not to develop in the right manner.

Biotechnology can be used in developing staple foods that are nutritious. In so doing the general population will be healthier since eating nutritious foods helps in fighting various diseases. Sweet potatoes, rice, and cassava are some of the solid foods that can be enhanced through biotechnology.

Saving Vaccines

Vaccines have been known to save populations from extinction. Biotechnology can be used to create vaccines in some of the nutritious crops like the vegetables and fruits.

The banana can be used to produce a vaccine for the Hepatitis B condition while the banana can be used for providing a vaccine against the Norwalk virus. The use of the biotechnology can counter the deadly diseases.

Sustained Farming

microscope Farming is challenging since over time the soil loses its fertility which usually leads to reduced yields. Biotechnology can help in sustained technology as it will assist the farmers to come up with proven ways of enriching the soil so that the farmers continue getting great produce.

Biotechnology helps in coming up with various fertilizers which are then used in enhancing the soil and make the plants fertile. In the areas where the soil is multiple acidic measures and be taken to neutralize such kind of soils.

Tremendous Promise

Last but not least, biotechnology helps in bringing immense promise in the developing world. The use of pest-resistant and disease-resistant seeds has led to increased food security in the developing countries. Many people are currently adopting farming as a result of biotechnology.



Choosing the best place for a retreat

Joying Ayahuasca Retreats have become trendy as it has given the practitioners an opportunity to experience the changes in a better way. The practice is considered to be very healthy and is also an ancient art that happens to provide health solutions at their best for the people who can’t seem to find any cure in the medicine world.

If you are to go on a retreat, then it is very important that you choose the place wisely otherwise all your efforts to make your lifestyle better through the retreat would be useless.

Below are some steps that you must follow to choose the best place for your retreat:

Choose a health place for retreat programs

You must make sure that the place you are picking is healthy and fit for the retreat programs. The place must be large so that you can choose different locations for the activities that you have planned to do on your retreat. The sanitation level is the most important thing that you need to cover when you check the health status of the location. The cleanliness levels should be high so that you don’t get affected by any foul smell during the meditation process or soul searching.

Places free from outer influences

woman with short hairYou must also make sure that the place you are going for is free from outer influences as it would ruin your mental peace. Managing yourself in the state of solitude is the main motive of going on a retreat and disturbances from the outer world make it even harder to manage things up.

The best thing you can do is choose a retreat center as it will keep you away from any disturbances and moreover, you will get all the facilities that are needed on a retreat.

Places with quality air

What you should check in the place is the air quality. As you may know that most of the people consume their time in meditation on retreats and therefore it is also crucial that you make sure the air is good so that your lungs can stay healthy and you can do the activities without feeling uncomfortable.

Places with other members for interaction

yoga classThe place that you look forward to for your retreat should have other members also so that you can interact with them for freshening up your mood. A lot of people retreat on a regular basis for different time periods just to take a pause from their long yoga practice which also helps to make the retreat fun and memorable.

Following these steps is utterly essential for you if you are looking for a place where you could take refuge until you go back to your normal life practices.